Do you like to have fun and participate in sport in spectacular and welcoming surroundings? Do you find it even better to live these moments with a friend? If this describes you, you share our philosophy of sport. 

That's why we created EcoRaceEvent: a sporting body that organises different styles of team race events. During these events, you’ll experience a fun atmosphere, where participants support and respect each other and come together as enthusiasts.  

But our philosophy does not stop there.  

With these events, we aspire to help people realise that nature around us is beautiful and precious, and that we must take care of it. We ensure that our events are eco-friendly and have minimal or no impact on the environment in many ways. The use of reusable cups and eco-friendly toilets, the promotion of carpooling via our websites, the establishment of green patrols (before, during and after the tests), marking the course with biodegradable products (no solvents or plastics), are just some of the ways we work to achieve this. We also support a reforestation project initiated byOtra Vista Productioncall « Trail for trees » ( 

Come join us for running and swimming at our EcoSwinRun at the Gileppe dam in August, or for mountain biking and running at theEcoRunandBike in early 2020 in the Hautes Fagnes estate. To stay up-to-date about our events and our future projects, we invite you to follow our Facebook pages. 

Our core values: :

  • Solidarity : among team members and different teams
  • Respect : for yourself, others and the environment
  • Coopération : between team members and teams
  • Responsability : self-refereeing by the competitors